Friday, 1 June 2012

Protons, electrons...? Or just matter and energy?

Scientists proved the existence of sub-atomic particles: the proton, the electron, and the neutron. And now that is the old view of matter. Since these discoveries, more complex theories have been born: that of quarks, and even string theory, which says that the universe is made up of strings, and nothing else. These strings are like matter and energy in one.

Classic fairy tales tell of beautiful princesses and evil witches, queens, stepmothers, etc. But since then, some stories have explored the possibility that the antagonists just may have had a reason for their behaviour, and so stories like Star Wars – where the evil Darth Vadar is revealed to have once been a grief-stricken child – became infamous. We have grown wiser now, wise enough to realize that the world is not just black and white, good and evil, but rather it is just a bunch of matter with energy. People, plants, animals, rocks, water, the Earth, are all the pieces of the game. The rules of the game require each person to try to win: the source of conflict – or energy.

Therefore the laws of science prove that good and evil only appear to exist, just as an electron appears to exist as a separate entity, when really it may be thought of as a ball of strings of energy. The non-science-believers see electrons and protons everywhere and then get confused when their rules of life break down. Since no one will ever know all of science, this has happened and will happen to all of us.

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