Monday, 28 May 2012

Universal Dollar Balance

Every person has the same number of dollars. By dollars I mean... characteristics that have value. So everyone is unique in that they have a different combination of traits, but they are also all equal to each other. One person might have a five dollar bill, while another person might have 5 loonies. Somebody might have a five-star brain, no friends, and be ugly, while someone else might be spread out in everything (a little smart, a little attractive, a little social, a little deep-thinking, and so on). But this is why I hardly ever feel envy. And I never look at someone and feel super lucky that I'm not them. I'm just another combination of the same number of positive and negative traits, just like anybody else. So next time you look at the guy with his mouth open, asking you how to turn on his camera, you gotta think, "What does this person have to balance out their incredible stupidity?" They might be lucky, athletic, blissfully ignorant, friendly, attractive, happy -- anything.

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