Thursday, 23 June 2011

Unique Experiences – I want to know!

You know what would be great for authors? Authors need a site to visit that is like a blog of many different people's unique experiences. They say "Write what you know". But just how much can one person know about everything? Do you know what it's like to drown? To feel dehydrated? To witness a battle? To describe the intricate details of a particular building or landscape? Writers need many of these kinds of things, but how can they write about them if they've never experienced any of these things? I wouldn't want to pretend to drown myself if I wanted to know what it feels like. In this new age of technology, where information can be shared in microseconds all around the world, it would make sense to have an online database of people's experiences. That sure would help me! Yes, I could always search it on the internet, but people don't think to write this kind of stuff some random place on the internet for all to see. If there were a site that everyone could visit, it would be like an anonymous journal shared by millions of people worldwide that would benefit anyone who wanted to explore outside the realm of their own life. Anyone know if there is such a thing? (Just watch me reinvent the wheel – I even invented reincarnation, only to find out it's part of a widely practiced religion already.) But, if not, anyone got suggestions on how to start a knew blog that would be called something like "UNIQUE EXPERIENCES"?

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