Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Vow of Silence

Tomorrow, April 15th 2011, I will take the vow of silence to support gay rights. This means I will attempt not to communicate (except by writing to teachers) in any way–no talking, no texting, no writing, no emailing, no blogging! and only absolutely necessary gestures or writing or sign language (because I know a few signs).

The vow of silence is meant to symbolize how homosexuals and bisexuals feel afraid to open themselves up because they do not feel accepted by the world so they stay silent. I look forward to a future time when one is not defined by their sexuality. Sexuality is something one does not have control over. Some say that people choose to be straight or gay. If this were true, why would someone want to openly announce their difference to the world only to be prejudged, mistreated, and not accepted? A person can, however, choose to accept their own sexuality for what it is and share it with the world or they can choose to live someone else's life by shutting their true feelings inside. I want to see the day when no one feels ashamed of their sexuality.

I never understood what the big fuss is all about. What does it matter to you if someone you know is gay? They are normal human beings who just happen to like human beings of the same gender. There's nothing so wrong with that – hey, it's even good for the planet if more people are gay. That means that they are less likely to have children, therefore reducing the population. Or they might adopt children in need of a home which helps poorer families.

Animals and prehistoric humans have even been gay. The belief that homosexuality goes against nature is partly untrue. It makes sense that our paleolithic ancestors would need to be heterogeneous in order to reproduce and carry on the species. But making sure humans don't die out is the farthest thing from our advanced modern minds. In the same way humans adapt to nature, nature adapts to humans. If our population starts becoming too overwhelming for the planet, nature will attempt to fix the problem. In the same way cancer has become a major problem in the last few decades causing many deaths, homosexuality is another factor thought-up by nature to decrease the population. So in our generation, homosexuality is part of nature's plan.

It's kind of late to start the vow now, but I encourage everyone to speak up for gay rights, whether or not you take the vow of silence, though, is your choice.

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